Visit Historical Attractions in Jasper

Brookeland/Lake Sam Rayburn KOA is located amid hushed forests and rippling water, which makes it a great destination for fishing, hiking and birdwatching. However, when you want to go exploring, the town of Jasper is only a short drive away. The historical attractions, antique shops and art galleries beckon you to visit.


via Jasper County Historical Museum

Historical Attractions

  • The Jasper County Historical Museum houses wartime artifacts, treasured family heirlooms and information about area legends. You’ll find it at 165 Main Street.
  • A lovely example of Victorian architecture, the Beaty Orton House offers tours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday. The location is the corner of Water Street and Main Street.
  • You can browse through fire exhibits from different periods at the Jasper County Fire Museum. It is inside the Fire Hall.
  • The bell that tolls the hours at the Jasper County Courthouse is the same one that tolled the hours in the original clock tower that was constructed in 1890. Its address is 121 N. Austin.

Stay With Us

Plan a trip to Brookeland/Lake Sam Rayburn KOA when you need some downtime in a peaceful environment. The weather has become chilly, but you’ll be nice and warm in your cabin.

We’ll treat you like family and try to make your stay as pleasant as possible. To make reservations, call 800-562-1612 or visit our website. For information, call 409-698-3422 or email us at Our address is 505 CR 212 in Brookeland, Texas.


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