Rest and Relax at Lake Sam Rayburn

Brookeland/Lake Sam Rayburn is the place to go when you want to get away from it all, as it offers beauty, peace and quietude. Spending time in nearby Sabine National Forest and Angelina National Forest will enable you to relax deeply, as you savor the sights and symphony of nature.

sam-rayburn-koaInstead of being assaulted by the blasts of honking horns, you’ll hear chirping birds and the rushing river along with wind rustling through the trees and the menagerie of sounds coming from creatures of the forest. The towering trees are majestic, and one reviewer on TripAdvisor compared them to “a miniature Pacific Northwest in East Texas.”

This unspoiled area is ideal for fishing, boating and hiking. Leave your electronic devices at home, but bring your binoculars to get good views of the birds. Pack along a picnic lunch to eat by the water. You’ll find no better place for spending quality time with family.

Stay With Us

Come stay at Brookeland/Lake Sam Rayburn KOA. Our park has unique features such as a horse barn and a community fire pit as well as canoe, kayak and paddleboat rentals. Don’t leave Rover or Fido at home because canines are honored guests here.

The cool nights of fall make camping a special pleasure. To make reservations, call 800-562-1612 or visit our website. For information, call 409-698-3422 or email us at Our address is 505 CR 212 in Brookeland, Texas. We look forward to hearing from you.


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