Red Rock Ranch Tours

red rockA nice local attraction that campers at Van Horn KOA will enjoy is Red Rock Ranch Tours, which are explorations of one of the most extensive natural Precambrian rock exposures in the northern hemisphere. In addition to a view of unique geographical wonders and vegetation, you will see an abundance of wildlife and breathtaking sunsets. Visitors may choose to tour the area through riding in a confortable vehicle, or they may opt for one of the hiking tours, which range from 2 hours to an all-day duration. Those having the endurance for a several-hour hike up a canyon will be rewarded by reaching a spot that overlooks the Rio Grande Valley.

Another fabulous area to explore is the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, an area of tranquility and blissful quietude that has a wonderful specimen of a fossilized reef. This pristine wilderness is also a paradise for hikers, birdwatchers and wildlife observers, who can trod through miles of woodland canyons and lush springs. Exhibits and a bookstore are onsite as well. This remote area of beauty is truly one of American’s best-kept secrets.

Make Van Horn your destination for your West Texas getaway. Visit our website and book your spot today.


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