Upcoming Fun Times

exerciseBaby its cold outside in a lot of the country, but here at Leander/ NW Austin KOA we are lucky to see more of a moderate climate.  However, there is nothing like a little cool weather to get everyone in the mood for some of our good times.  We offer lots of weekly activities, such as low impact exercises, movie and popcorn nights and rip-roaring good games of cards. Our monthly potluck dinners are always a hit, and the February dinner will have a Mardi Gras theme. In addition, join us as we celebrate the Super Bowl game with our version of the Superbowl Chili Dump!

Upcoming events in the community include the Grand AM at COTA, South by Southwest and the Rodeo.  Once again the Circuits of the Americas will offer entertainment with the MotorGP in April.

Located central to Austin, the Hill Country and all the surrounding tourist attractions, we can offer great sites and cabins for your stay. Book your spot on our website now for a great jump into spring at our park.


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