Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History

Here at our quiet wooded oasis on the water, campers at Lake Corpus Christi / Mathis KOA can fish, swim or bird watch to their heart’s content. However, when you wish to go sightseeing, you have many attractions from which to choose. One interesting option is the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History, less than an hour’s drive away. Established in 1957 and home to more than 87,000 artifacts, the facility inspires and enlightens visitors about history and the impact of science on our lives.

History will come alive as you tour replicas of the Pinta and Santa Maria, ships of Columbus, where costumed guides will share fascinating facts about this voyage. Other exhibits will inform about the early inhabitants of Texas and the early European exploration of the state.

In addition to history, scientific exhibits abound, covering diverse topics as the solar system, butterflies and native plants, as well as rocks and minerals. This museum is merely one of the attractions in the area that are well worth a visit. Visit our website and book your spot today.


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