Rangers Games

Few activities exemplify the pleasures of summer as much as a great baseball game. Those who stay at Dallas / Arlington KOA are close to Rangers Ballpark, where they can attend the exciting games between the Texas Rangers and the Colorado Rockies on June 22nd to 24th.

Other summertime activities include entertainment in an open-air venue. On June 15th to 17th, you can attend Shakespeare in the Park, where you can see the Shakespearean theatrical production of Twelfth Night. Head over to Samuel Grand Anphitheater to watch this delicious comedy involving jealousy and mistaken identity. The sidesplitting humor of this play, experienced in a casual park setting, guarantees a delightful evening.

If a rodeo is more your cup of tea, you can attend the Mesquite ProRodeo Series. Every Friday and Saturday night all summer long, you can watch the heart-pounding competition of cowboys and cowgirls.

The wide range of choices between a baseball game, a Shakespearean play and a rodeo reveal that Dallas has it all! Visit our website and make your reservations today.


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